Tender Mercies

Good Morning,

No matter what time of day you read this, each morning has brought a new day with new mercies¹ for you as you struggle with schizophrenia.  Your days might seem repetitive, filled with the same sorrows, same struggles, same fears, or same desperation, but the mercies you can receive from God today will be new. Fresh and strong enough to meet your need.  He does not recycle leftovers and hope you make do.

He is quiet though, a still, small voice, and you and I often miss what he delivers.  “Behold,” he said through Isaiah, “I do a new thing, do you not see it?”  In our affliction we can become so preoccupied we do not notice that mercies have arrived, especially if our pain has not receded in the way we desired.  Even if you hear, see, or feel nothing, you will have enough given you to carry you through the day. Do not doubt – this is God’s promise.

What does he give? Strength to do the next thing, the grit to persevere, resourcefulness, faith in his character, someone else’s kindness, remembrance that inspires hope, a willingness to ask for help, an insight that brings relief.  A breeze, a cup of cold water, the scent of a rose.   With his mercies he’ll call you forth, like Lazarus, from what feels like today’s grave and you’ll rise up enough to shuffle out of your deep darkness.

No one can tell you what God will do next, or when, but he will enable you to inch forth, crawl forth, stand up, walk out, or run, today.  And he will do the same tomorrow.  Shuffling might look pitiful, but until you strengthen your limbs enough to run, it will get you going in the right direction.

With enough days lived by his mercies, you will begin to trust him more. You will find yourself strong, in him, (even with schizophrenia) which is much more heavenly than strong in your self. On and on his work continues, one grace added upon another, one strength upon another strength, one line of truth upon another line already proved true.  You grow and you do not even know it . . . all while you are weak, and he is strong.

Today, do not harden your heart to his tender mercies that look so small.  Think how little a movement the opening of an eye takes, and yet that same small eye beholds a vast world.

Resource ¹: http://www.biblestudytools.com/commentaries/gills-exposition-of-the-bible/lamentations-3-23.html


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