For a long time I lived with fear while my family weathered brain traumas (self-inflicted and accidental), stroke, vascular dementia, and various mental health afflictions, along with all the chaos that goes along with them. A hefty dose of addictions added to the whirlwind. After my father and brother died within two years of each other I decided to write about mental illness, with no particular goal in mind. Maybe I simply couldn’t hold secrets any longer. Yes schizophrenia was one diagnosis.  Was, no longer is, but I will never forget: Schizophrenia is a tragic illness that can bring the strongest person or family to its knees.

Those decades of turmoil fuel this blog. Throughout our family’s struggles I desperately wanted encouragement, so I aim to encourage you from every angle I can think of. This blog is not so much about me as it is about you. The posts you’ll find cover topics such as alternative therapy, famous people with schizophrenia, devotionals, and stories of hope — from others who are hearing voices and yet have found a way to become employed, marry, and recover.

You’ll also find insight from Elyn Saks, Lauren Slater, and Heather Kopp. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, C.S. Lewis, and Charles Spurgeon. CCEF counselors such as Mike Emlet, David Powlison, and Ed Welch. Hear what Dr. Frederick Frese, who suffers from schizophrenia has to say about coping with voices and stigma. You can even listen to him on YouTube through the links provided.

Listen to an audio recording of Psalms and scripture to find hope and strength.  Read a discussion about ‘being in faith’ while you take medication (Can you?). How do Christians endure the symptoms of severe mental illness, especially schizophrenia and major depression, with grace?  (What is grace anyway?)

Along the way you’ll find prayers and scriptural insight on sin, salvation, and suffering.  Stigma.

Hopefully you’ll find encouragement through the devotions and reflections presented here and through positive news from the arenas of science and medicine.  Yes, science and medicine and Christian faith working together.   

I welcome your comments and suggestions . . .


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. This page is great. Thank you.

    • 1sparrow said:

      Glad you liked it. Thank you for visiting and for deciding to follow the blog! P.S. I agree with your post about this being the “best time” in history for mental health treatment.

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