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…hold my grain of faith in you sacred–it’s all I have for now.

Included in various posts on this site, you will find the following prayers:

Jeremiah prayed, “Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me and I shall be saved; for thou art my praise.”  Save me and heal me, God. Help my unbelief, and hold my grain of faith in you sacred–it’s all I have for now. I know you do much with little—you lift up those who are bowed down by hardship; you make the lame walk; and you use the weak to overturn the strong—so I know my mustard seed faith can go far.  Deal bountifully with me, in whatever way you choose, as a testimony to your name. Thank you and Amen.
–From “Christian Faith & Schizophrenia—God’s Bounty in the Cave”

Lord, so much uncertainty and mystery scare me.  If I had my way (instead of yours) I’d find a cure, but that’s beyond my reach, isn’t it?  What I can hope for is that you will glorify yourself in my life. May others see you at work in the midst of chaos and “impossibility.” May they see evidences of your gracious provisions for me, your divine intervention when my life becomes endangered, your upholding of my family. May they see that at this time in history you are alive.  Shake up their timeline because of me.  Amen.
–From “How Many More Days of Schizophrenia?”

Shake up their timeline because of me.

Father, I pray for my daily bread—for all that I need to survive this day with food in my belly, shelter, and integrity. Pour out your grace upon the little grasp I have on my will and help me make a small step toward healing. Pour out your lavish grace upon me and upon those who help me, and open our eyes to see the sufficiency of what you supply. Fill my soul and heart with such a deep understanding of your love that I grow strong in praise of you. Amen.
–From “Morning Consolations for Schizophrenia and Depression”

May God grant you hope and strength to rise up today and move past your fears and confusion.  In the areas where you have failed and have given up, I pray he will fill you with a renewed desire to live, by Him and with Him. May you learn ways, both small and great, to manage your symptoms.  Grace and peace to you, in abundance.
–From “Famous People with Schizophrenia Give Hope”

…you spoke of an abundant life that I still long for with all my heart.

Lord, taking up the cup of forgiveness does not appeal to me, especially since I bear deep wounds, yet I want to follow in your footsteps more than anything else. Schizophrenia has brought destruction to my life and family. I’m angry and destitute, but you spoke of an abundant life that I still long for with all my heart. I feel too far gone for peace, but you can do what no man can. Stir up your life in me, heal me, and comfort me. Give me the grace to start where you finished — open my heart and soul to the grace of forgiveness and the peace it brings. Open my heart to you. Amen. 
–From “Bringing Easter to the Mental Health System”

Part the bewildering tangle in my mind and soul as surely as you parted the Red Sea.

Lord! Nothing seems greater than this battle with schizophrenia. I am offended that you would rank deliverance from my misery less important than comprehending the grandeur of salvation, a grandeur that I have not yet seen or understood. Make me willing to see and rejoice in the majesty of what you have done. Part the bewildering tangle in my mind and soul as surely as you parted the Red Sea, so I might walk right up to you with songs of praise on my lips. More of you Lord, less of me, open up my eyes to see.  “Open your mouth wide and I will fill it.” Psalm 81:10
–From “The Beasts of Schizophrenia and Sin”

Open the eyes of my heart Lord. I have so much pain and fear I can scarcely see you. Have you visited me with your kindnesses and I did not notice? Before you do more for me, make clear what you have already done that I might find deep comfort in your mercies and grace. I want to meet you next time with a song on my lips.
“Mental Illness and God’s Compassion Revealed”

This week, and the next, may God pour out a great measure of grace upon your spirit, soul, and body. I pray he will strengthen you with inner might by the work of his Holy Spirit, that you will find relief, in any measure large or small, and that you will make progress in the steps you try to take.
–From “Schizophrenia Awareness Week, and Afterwards?–Courage Daily”

Lord, I understand that following Christ does not eliminate problems from my life nor guarantee an easy path. For my path, which I find so troubling and perplexing, so exhausting, grant me strength to walk each day with hope and courage. Sustain my faith and enable me to rise above fear and failure so that I joyfully embrace your call to life. In fact, I want to proclaim like Jacob, “How filled with awe is this place and I did not know it.” Open my eyes to see the perfect shoes you have already given me for this rough road, the perfect amount of grace to live with dignity and courage, and the perfect Christ in which I hide with all my sin and sickness.
–From “Shoes of Iron for the Schizophrenia Road”